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La Pietra Rara is very attentive to the privacy of its customers and those who browse this site, so all the necessary measures have been taken to safeguard their privacy.
We are also web users and we are aware of how annoying it can be to receive unsolicited emails from sites that have received / purchased lists of emails from sites linked to pages we have visited, so we will NOT sell / give the emails to third parties - and data - of our customers.

Before explaining the privacy terms of this site it is important to explain what cookies are and the types of cookies that exist.

Navigation and session cookies: which guarantee the normal navigation of the site and the use of all the features of the site, in the case of  La Pietra Rara site these cookies allow access to restricted areas and / or purchases.
Analytics cookies: similar to technical cookies when used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site;
Third-party analytics cookies: these are those cookies used to improve the usability of the site, they are normally used by a THIRD PARTY such as Google Analytics BUT, as required by the Privacy Guarantor, Google is prevented from registering the IP addresses of site visitors.
Third-party cookies: these are those implemented by sites other than the one you are visiting, among them - but with the appropriate distinctions - there are cookies used by social networks and by Google Analytics.
Profiling cookies: these are cookies that create personalized user profiles for advertising purposes and are then used to undertake marketing activities, such as retargeting or advertising on social networks. Since this type of data is processed and used for activities other than navigation, the user's consent is required for the acquisition.

Cookies used on this site
On the site of La Pietra Rara the following cookies are used EXCLUSIVELY;

  • Navigation and session cookies;
  • Analytics cookies.

We reiterate, for greater clarity, that the following cookies are NOT used:

  • Third-party cookies with the exception of those of social networks and Google Analytics;
  • Profiling cookies.

It is possible to delete the cookies on your PC using the options offered by the browsers used for navigation, below are the links to the instructions for the most used browsers to navigate.

Opera  Internet Explorer  Mozilla Firefox  Google Chrome  Safari  Brave 

Data recording and their use
In order to make the services offered by this site usable, some data are recorded and more precisely:

In case of contacts

  • Name;
  • E-mail;
  • Phone.

The collected data are kept for the sole purpose of offering the services on the site, in no case and for no reason will they be transferred / sold to third parties.
Users have the right to know which data has been collected and - if they so wish - to request its deletion by simply requesting the company data protection officer using the contact form.

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